art and illustration by emily miller.
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i like monsters and mermaids. a lot.


Bronze Dagger

  • Dated: 19th century
  • Medium: bronze
  • Measurements: overall length 23 cm

The handle of the dagger is ornate with a skeleton around which a snake is coiled.

Source: Copyright © 2014 Expertissim

Q: Would you be at all offended/upset if someone were to get an illustration of your tattooed on them? If they gave your art credit and everything like that?

uh no, that is super cool and flattering and absolutely amazing. but i would 100% want to see pictures! which piece? come off anon, i don’t bite!

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end rant.

"   come paint with me!!   "
Check out! If you’re in the New York City area this August, sign up for a fun, light-hearted step-by-step watercolor class! I’ll be doing one class August 19th (a sunset) and the next August 28th (space!!). I recommend the galaxy-starry-swirly one, it’ll be a lot of fun! Come have some drinks, splatter some paint, and take home a finished piece you made yourself!